2015-2020 Mustang Wind Deflector for cars without lightbar

2015-2020 Mustang Wind Deflector for cars without lightbar

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2015-20 Mustang Convertible Love the Drive Wind Deflector


Love Your Convertible, Spoil Yourself!


Key Benefits of Wind Deflectors 

  • Drive your Convertible More: The Love The Drive™ Wind Deflector extends your top down driving season. You can start driving earlier in the spring, drive later into Autumn and enjoy top down driving more all year long. 
  • Decrease Windblast: The wind deflector dramatically decreases the amount of wind through the interior of your convertible. Windblast is reduced by up to 75%, which nearly eliminates wind buffeting and turbulence in the interior of the car. With a Love The Drive™ Wind Deflector it will keep the wind down and you looking great. 
  • Reduce Noise: The wind noise is significantly lower, allowing for a more enjoyable drive. You can listen to music or talk to friends, even at highway speeds. 
  • Easy to Install: The wind deflector arrives fully assembled and can be installed in minutes. Most models require no tools, others only a screwdriver or small wrench and will take only a few minutes to install. After the first installation, the wind deflector can be installed and removed in seconds. No permanent modifications or drilling are required to your car. 
  • Leave in Place: The wind deflector can remain in place with the top up or down. When not in use it can be folded up and stored away in the trunk in the included protective storage bag. 
  • Safety: The Love The Drive™ Wind Deflector will not impair rear vision and complies with all safety regulations.See, feel and hear why wind deflector's are the #1 convertible accessory for Mustang convertibles!

Product Information

  • Your wind deflector will reduce wind speed by up to 75% 
  • Enjoy driving with your top down earlier in the spring and later into Autumn
  • Listen to music or have a conversation even at highway speeds 
  • Open and close your convertible top without removing the wind deflector 
  • Helping you love your convertible more & keeping you looking great 

   FREE Storage Bag

   One Year Warranty

   Fast, Easy and Painless Installation


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