Ford Mustang Cargo Organiser - Soft-Sided Large, Folding


Ford Mustang Cargo Organiser - Soft-Sided Large, Folding

Part # EE5Z-78115-A00-A

$165.00 ($15.00 GST inclusive)
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This premium-grade, woven-polyester organiser is laminated for water repellency and mildew resistance. Fold it open, 4 sturdy compartments help keep groceries and various other items in place, minimising topples and spills. Check out the versatile Soft-Sided Cooler from Custom Accessories that's made to fit perfectly in this organiser. Built-in side straps (not included) can be attached to hooks in the trunk, holding the organiser firmly in place. Cleans readily, and stores flat if desired. Measures a generous 39" wide x 14" long x 10 3/4" high.

Easy installation no tools required.

Straps shown in image as an option but are not included with this product

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